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Dusted off

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Well went accross to see Mrs H today havent had her started for a year & a half, she didnt go out last season. She resides in a shed at a friends who kindly put the battery on charge. Tipped in a can of petrol, pulled out the choke, pressed the button and she roared in to life..... dont you just love em when they do that. Need to get her dusted off and ready for the season, its getting so she'll need some paint soon I think.... but before that I need to fix an oil seal on the back end and that wont be easy with those wheels... happy days :D
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Shelley sounds like you are ready to let it roll around this year. Good luck with it at tractor shows and whever you go.

Always a good feeling when they come alive after sitting for some time, without having to sort things out. :cool:
Sounds like you have plans for her this year.
Good to hear them fire up for sure. Hope you get to get out and let clear its lungs this year.
Yep, sure is good to hear them fire off after setting that long....kinda makes you want to take a step back, stretch your suspenders out with your thumbs, and just enjoy the music......"Hi Shelly"

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