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I was at the Penns Cave show in Pa a couple of years ago. It was the ford feature. Great show with plenty shiny fords there. Parked way down the hill with the rusty old farmalls was a ford 600 still in it work clothes. There was a couple of wooden brackets hanging off the side just under the hood. I spoke to the owner and asked him why he wasn't parked up on the hill with the rest of the ford. He said cause this heres a workin tractor and when I asked want the two wooden brackets were for he said to hold my gun while I'm out in the field to shot those damn woodchucks. So I guess I have seen a sniper tractor. Must have been a special option on the hundred series?
I did notice on your sniper model you don't have the headlight lens for jacking deer at night? That must have been another option.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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