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Farmall 1206 blows apart -

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Tractor pulls; Saw this on Youtube. Sad demise to a beautiful machine.
This Farmall was pulling at the Tulare antique farm show. The driver finished his pull and tried shutting down but it ran away from him. The flywheel cut through the frame splitting the tractor in two.
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I would hate to be that guy.
That hadda hurt!!!!!! Thats why I hate pulling antiques!! Too many get ruined for a $5 plastic trophy!
We don't pull antiques like that. We have a three MPH speed limit. Tractors must look and sound stock (straight pipes are allowed).
That hurt to watch. To me one of the prettest tractors built.
Thanks, that shows that it split farnuff forward to let the driver escape serious injury. I remember the old front engined dragsters blowing and cutting off feet and stuff.
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