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Farmall 350 Diesel progress

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Alright. So every step that I try to do to get it running I end up having to dig deeper. And this weekend was no exception. Right now the plans are to rip it down to the tranny and evaluate that before I try to start it. The radiator leaks and the starter engages but doesn't spin so those both need fixed. You can't judge a book by its cover definately applies to this. Looks good on the outside, but the inside is a completely different story.

Yes I broke the tach.... laid it on the platform and it rolled off when I bumped it.....

Battery Box Removed

With the Help of a torch of course.... The bolts were in so tight I had to heat them up red hot with a torch to get them out

Oil from the TA Section

Draining the Oil from the hydraulic unit. Had the consistency of a chocolate milkshake, and looked like sausage gravy that you put over biscuits.

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I apologize for not posting any of my videos. I had thought I did, but appearantly I didn't. I have the video I did of when I brought it home, the first update, then the update after I worked on it this weekend.

All of my videos are done in HD, but youtube default plays at 360p, so if you want to see a little better quality you can bump it up and get a little better picture.
Watched the videos and John said it best NASTY. Hopefully not much damage done inside. The equipment you got with it was nice and getting hard to find. Heres a link to a pdf that shows the guage on the side skip to page four and its on the top. You can zoom in and it tells how to read it. ... 20gauge%22

If you got a tractor junk yard around you can probably find a lens that will work off different tractors as well. I have changed the lenses with Case and Farmall before on the work lights.
Good videos of what you've got going on with this thing. It sure takes a lot of work, but it'll be worth it in the long run. I am anxious to see what's in the rear end.
Massey man,

ask and you shall receive :p

Pictures to follow.
Wow nasty looking oil. Last time I drained some like that. Was from my John Deere LA I restored years ago. Ended up costing me big time on the differential and transmission. Had to replace every darn bearing and race in it.
I need to update this thread... just not tonight. All new bearings and bushings are going in it. Just the bearings alone are $815 and those aren't case. Case wanted 133/piece for each of the axle bearings and there's four of them. NSK don't say IH on them, but they're good bearings and I'm sure I"ll never wear them out as much as this thing will see use.
Time to split it and start disassembling the tranny

Pulling the gear train I sliced my finger open on the gears

I done broke it....

How the Heck am I going to get this nut off? It's 2 1/4" by the way. 3/4" airgun and the only socket I could get to go on it was the 2 1/2 since the nut was so beat up, took it right off

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There was a pretty good gap between the end cap and the axle

Super MD got duals!

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You certainly have quite a few pieces laying around !! Halfway there, well almost anyway. I'm not envying your clean up job, but it has to be done. Looking good. Thanks for the video inside the tranny/final.
Its kind of hard to tell from here. Looks like theres been some brazing soldering done to hold the nut in place. If so that will have to be removed. The initial damage to the stay nut was done more than likely by someone previously using a hammer and chisel to remove the nut. Thats easy to tell from the gouge marks on the nut. Its not a good place to have to do this; but Your option may wind up being to file or grind off the rough areas along the side of the nut; getting the high points off in order to use the right socket to remove it. The nut needs to be brought back close to original before trying to remove as this could well be one of the exceedingly hard to find parts.
On the nut, I work at a machine shop and I was honestly just going to mill out a new hex, drill it out, and tap a new hole. The threads are not sharp at all on the old nut and was either over tightened or something in the past because the high point of the threads are pretty much non-existant. I have big enough sockets for on the air gun, so I can put it on without having to use the chisel and a hammer plus I wouldn't have to cut the grooves into the sides for a chisel. I think the nut is supposed to be 2 1/4, but because the corners were busted up so bad, I could only get a 2 3/8 on it, and I had to use the air grinder and a hammer to get the socket to go on. It spun right off.
If You have access to machine tools You are way ahead on taking care of problems such as this :lol: :lol:
You made out verry well . the 350 diesel is my favorite Farmall tractor. I farmed with one for years and may even be able to offer hints and advice to help out with yours a bit may even have a few 350D parts laying around here..wish I had mine back but in a moment of weakness and poverty I sold it. I still have plenty other Farmalls to work on so all is not lost. you will love that tractor if you ever get it fixed to suit you.
All i got right now soundguy

Axles pulled and one housing cleaned up

Bottom transmission shaft chucked up in the lathe to clean up a chamfer. Keep in mind that the shaft is 2.5" diameter. It's not a little shop lathe

The bushings that I pressed out and the assorted pins I made to press them out

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Just got done tearing the PTO unit apart. After I get this back together, it's just a matter of assembly of the whole thing.

Appearantly I didn't get a picture of the bare casting, but that's what its down to now. There really aren't a lot of parts to it.
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I have all but two of the PTO bearings. Seals are on their way. The only thing I need to order yet is bushings for the tranny. Every new bearing, seal, gasket, and O-ring in the tranny and PTO will be new. All worn parts are being replaced or fixed up so they're not loose anymore. Mass assembly soon to come just as soon as I get all my parts
Seals arrived yesterday. I forgot to order one bearing, so now I'm waiting on 3. The bearing shop had two of them marked as in, but they weren't in my box and he couldn't find them, so he re-ordered them. Last month of school so school work is starting to kick up, this might have to wait until school is done
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