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Farmall BN

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I have been lurking here for quite some time while restoring my prize a Farmall BN. I have a problem which I am sure you guys can help me with. During the inspection phase, it was apparent that the left rear axle seal has been leaking for a long time. I have removed the rim, wheel weight, and inner disc or whatever you call it. I also removed the cover plate on the inside and the large bolt on the axle shaft inside. On the outer part I removed the 4 bolts that appear to retain the axle. How much force is needed to slide the axle out or have I forgoten something? The shaft won't budge. Help.
Jack Ross
1947 Farmall BN - project
1958 Farmall 460 Utility backhoe.
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Jack I may be mistaken but I think it might be easier to take the final off and the bottom plate because when you bring the axle out the bull gear is going to drop and theres some spacers with it. Been awhile I don't remember which side they are on but with the bottom pan off you can see as you bring it out. Couldn't swear to it but there probably were pressed in but you can take a piece of brass or a block of wood and knock them out also watch the gear and put it back the same way it came out. Never done one on a B but I'd say there pretty much close to a 100 or super a. Sorry I'm no more help than this but like I said its been awhile.
It is no problem getting the shaft out of Final drive housing . Thread the bolt back in the shaft (BOLT ONLY) till it stops and smack it with a hammer it won't hurt a thing .

But give you some advice on that . Remove the oil pan and set something under final drive gear to prevent falling to floor .
Reason being if you pull axle shaft they's going to be things fall out that you can't get back in without the pan off . ;)
If Im reading this right, you should be able to wiggle it out with a little force.
Thanks, Guys, It came out just like you guys said it would.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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