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raymonddurban said:
Sounds like a good deal to me, especially if both are in good physical shape (not all beat up).

For a set of Cub cultivators (front and back tool bars with standards and clamps) I'd say around $250+
$400+ if it includes the UMF (universal mounting frame) and rear rockshaft.
The price on the tractors sound like a good deal and I Agree with raymonddurban's price on the cultivators.
I have a few cubs and have 2 sets of full cultivators. My thinking was to sell a set and keep a set. I'm glad I didn't. The tool bars interchange and I have different setups for different cultivation applications and it's easy to switch them between the tractors. If you have no use for them it's probably best to sell them spring or early summer when most people are looking for them.

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