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Farmall MV

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Here is a tractor i got out LA.
it is a Farmall Super MV
clean the strater up and also the block had a freeze crack where the water jacket cover was.
I put some JB weld and made a new gasket fill it up with water to see how the tractor was going to run.
run out good almost every LP tractors i have bought have good motors.
Transmission is good will need to get one front hub and wheel the one right is wrong.
also some picture of the Semi load
Farmall Super MV round tube front
John Deere M
Farmall Super MV
Farmall HV
WC high crop
2 John Deere LA

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got the super MV running lined the gas tank and rebuilt the carb.
and decided to put work for a small food plot of turnips we had plowed up the ground early this year and i decide not plant anything good thing i did not since we did not get any rain.
hook up a john deere disc tractor ran out good.
here are some picture from today.

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