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Farmall Regular Clutch removal

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Friend called me and asked how to get the bell housing and clutch off. ( not swift on a computer)
Biggest problem is from talking to him is its a ball of rust from mice.
Might have to torch the shaft off? I hope to get over there to look at it but been to busy :oops:
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if the engine isnt stuck you might be able to remove plate on bottom and unbolt pressure plate letting clutch, shaft,pressure plate and all come out as one unit. if it is rusted bad the clutch and shaft will not slide apart. only my 2 cents worth. :?
I would be willing to bet it will come right off! Farmall A i pulled the engine on earlier in the year was the same way! Big ball of rust, and mice nest! Where the bell housing sticks is on the 2 pins on each side of the bell housing! I used PB blaster on them, and finally got a screwdriver started in for a wedge, just work with light even prying on both sides once you get a gap started, and it will come apart!
Like i stated gettin the gap started is the hard part!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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