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Farmall Super C - Continental belly mower

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Sold my 6 foot shredder a couple months ago. It worked fine, but with it being a pull type instead of 3 point it was just a bit difficult to use in the small pasture behind my house. Woods makes a 60" and a 72" belly mower specific to this tractor, but they're kind of hard to come by. So I picked up this 3 point mount Continental Belton KTR-60 60" belly mower. Since my Super C doesn't have a 3 point, I had to build a bracket setup to make it work.

The front is lifted by the touch control just like the woods mower. The rear is adjusted via the 3 point top link. The slots in the top link bracket allow the rear of the mower to lift if I pass over an obstruction or through a ditch.

Still needs a few things and then paint.

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Nice fab work there. Got a C here and an international belly mower. Might have to snag a few idea's????
you know.. I've been toying with the idea to put my belly mower from my cub ( an IH 44" ) on my C....

I do have a 5' woods I could put on though.. had it on my allis g.

hmm.. might be a project this year...
Now, that shows you're thinking. Beautiful work! :) :D
Thanks yall. Finished up a few things last night and mowed some today. Our yard is so grown over I thought I was going to have to borrow the neighbor's shredder for the first cut, but the mower actually handled it pretty well. Now just need to pull everything back apart and paint.

Couple more pics:

Driveshaft angle is fairly steep, but doesn't seem to bind. This is with the mower set at about 5" cutting height.

The tensioner pulley was bad, so I replaced it with a spring loaded one off a john deere LT deck. Seems to work ok so far, I had to cut and reweld the arm to get better tension.

The mower is offset to the right to get close to the outside edge of the tire. This also makes it so I can raise the mower up all the way to the draw bar frame for clearance when loading it on a trailer.
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keep them ujoints lubed.. they obviously aren't happy.. but will work.
i love the tensioner. i'm saving these pics. i may mount my ih belly mower under my C this summer for finish cuting. i'm up to having to mow 2.5ac and need it too look good so have been doing with a rider.. not to mention the pasture cutting. mowing 2 days a week eats my time. if I can do 2 of the 2.5ac finish cuit on the c it will save time!

thanks for posting
Thanks. I know how you feel. I've got about an acre in front of our house I currently mow with a 38" rider and it takes me about 2 hours. The problem is we have a ton of trees to go around. I may start mowing my road frontage with the C...that would at least save a little time. The 1/2 acre yard/pasture behind our house is where I plan to use this mower the most. It's got thick coastal grass and is just too much for the rider.
yep.. i have 3/4 ac of open road ROW, and a 2AC strip of ROW/easement between my pasture and the neighbors land. I generally can get away with bush hogging the 2ac 1 time.. but then it really needs a rider lawn mow. i have a 42" cut mower.. so it takes plenty of time to do the road frontage and the causeway.. not to mention the 1/4ac of my house.. then weedeat the house and fence. ( then i have to mow the pasture.. but that is tractor work ).

this IH mower cuts as good as a finish mower. in fact.. II USED to cut with the cub, .. but it's ground speed choices are not quite what I like.. and at only 9.5hp if the grass gets a lil long.. she won't do it a good job. the C on the other hand has plenty of hp, and is almost as maneuverable..

again.. thanks for the ideas and pics..
Looks nice, something you don't see much everyday. You should put some thought into that drive line angle or be prepared to put U-joints in it every year, they are made to run as straight as possible.
i agree.. it's gonna be hard on ujoints. a cv joint setup would have been ideal.
Thanks for the compliments and advice.

Got the brackets all painted up. I'm tempted to go take them to the beach and leave them in the surf for a while so they match the tractor better. :D

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That is good looking work.
I am still laughing at your idea of taking it to the beach!
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