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:shock: With this mild winter and the spring arriving early I have decided we will pay the price down the road some where.
Normally this is the time of year I cut up wood for next year and try to get it split. It has been on the hot side for splitting so I cut in the morning then go place syrup on the beesin the afternoon. Get back home in the evening and sharpen the chain for tomorrow.
I looked at some apple trees I had planed on pruning :eek: this year today. Ain't going to happen. With this weather we will probably have blossoms in about 3 weeks.

:D Al

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I know what you mean about the fruit trees not getting pruned this year.
Normally I do it now,(middle of March) but the peaches are full bloom,
and the apples are leaving out and will bloom within the next week.
I gotta cut some broken limbs out of the peach trees from recent high winds,
even though those limbs are blooming. :oops:
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