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First green beans

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picked my first batch of green beans this morning. Mrs G is going to snap and cook them after church.
Can't wait.
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Had my first pot of New greenbeans yesterday with new red potatoes cooked on them and slaw out of new cabbage . All this from our Garden . We planted only half runners and will have to make a canning or 2 this week. Bruce you are in for a treat when your wife get them cooked.
My are just starting to bloom, but don't know if they'll set with it being as hot as it is here
Had them for about a week. We will be canning tomorrow ;)

I had to replant mine, Only had one plant come up first time. They're just startin' to bloom now.
Congratulations! It's always a great feeling to get that first mess, and the second mess, and the third...
We picked about 2.5 bushels Friday morning and took them to the farmers market on Saturday. We are in the process of canning what we did not sell, 21 quarts so far. We had a little over a bushel the week before and sold 'em all. More beans were on the market this week, so we will make the most of them next winter. I have other plantings getting ready to bloom. They need water.
The 1st mess of beans is the best!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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