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Florida Flywheelers 2009

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From a show we went to back in 2009.

I Loved this old shovel.

Heres a plow they pulled with two old eights. It was something to watch it work.

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great show i was there in 2009 also
Love seeing those crawler. Thanks Gordon for sharing.
Glad you enjoyed them Betty and Ivan I wish I knew you then I would have loved to meet you and talked awhile. Small world aint it.
Great shots Gordon. I would certainly like to find an old Ten Cat. ...and that PLOW !!!! What is that for ?? Would that for terracing fields on a hillside?
What was the location of the show ?
Pat & I were there this year (2012) for the january & february shows. Had heard of it for many years & it is a huge show with some permanent displays such as old dealership/service stations with vehicles, tools & such that is a must see, we did that part in jan., & the tractors in feb., too much to do in just one day.

The heavy equipment area is awesome with those big buckets that are used in mining phosphorus in that area of mid Florida.
If you ever get the chance to go to at least one of their shows plan on arriving very early & stay late & take a noon break in the shade to recoup your energy. Also ride their shuttles when you need a rest & you can see just how huge that show is.
Daily parade is a must also, along with the Ford model "T" assembly show. We watched it both months were were there.
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You wot see a whole lot of Ten's done as well as this one. Thank You
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