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Florida Flywheelers 2009

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Some odd ones but they looked good.

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Nice group of odd ones but guess I missed the John Deeres
Maybe none in Florida???????
I put a couple of Johns up just for you Betty. :)
Thanks Gordon,make me happy :lol: :lol: :lol:
bettyp said:
Nice group of odd ones but guess I missed the John Deeres
Maybe none in Florida???????
I agree MissBetty, ol Gordon missed the good old "RED" Massey's as well..... :( :( :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: Just goes to show you Gordon, there's some of us you just can't please !!!! Just kidding, I thought I'd use the cattle prod this morning.... :D :D You alway's have superb photos sir.
Thanks for the post. By any chance do you know anything about that first one? Never seen one like that.
Thanks for the fotos Gordan; just in case anyone knows more about the tractor in the first foto, i also would love to know more about it.
That first photo has just about got to be an early, early, early Ferguson or maybe even a prototype ???? The sign says 1926. Look at the back of the tractor in the second photo and you can see the three point system. Surely this is a super early model and not a production run of high numbers. But this is all just an uneducated guess anyway. Possibly even an early European model.
If you zoom in on the sign on tractor it says: Ferguson - 1936.
It has a flathead engine, - thought "Fergies" were overhead???
To what i understand there was only one of the Black Fergies built; at one time i had the website of where its located in Ireland; but i no longer have the url. Harry could well have produced dozens of prototypes; and like You i am wondering if this is one of thoser. Another question this brings up is what if any did this evolve into. It certainly shows the linage of the early 20 series. If i am reading the sign right it looks like 1936? And it does say Ferguson. I am not sure exactly when Harry and Henry got together and came out with the Ford-Ferguson. Is there a possibility of this being of the Ferguson-Brown lineage?
Guys I wish I could remember but I can't. The tractor had a sign that said Ferguson 1936 it was owned by Dan Norman. There was a sign over the tent that said Ferguson Worlds Most Copied Tractor. Memory not that good just got it in another pic. The owner wasn't there but a friend was and he said that was the first year of the tractor. I have no idea if it was or not. The same man had 3 or 4 more there all different models and fixed nice. When I first saw it at a distance I thought it was a Fordson butgot to it and read the sign and had no idea they were made like that. Wish I could remember more but thats all I got. Got to be a rare one for sure.
Thank You Gordon; maybe a ferguson expert familiar with this era will come along and help us out figuring what the tractor represents.
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