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Food Recipe For JR

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JR was not sure if my text made sense today so I thought I would put my food recipe here for you and anyone else who wants it.

I use a Large rubber trash can and a large tote

From Farmer's Mill in Lexington on W. Loudon:

100 # layer pellets (This recipe works well with 150# of pellets)

50# Rolled Oats
50# Rolled Barley
50# Alfalfa Pellets

From TSC:

50# Scratch Grains

Optional ingredients when I can find them I add these to the grain mix:

Dried Split Peas (10# - 15#)
Dried Mung Beans (10# - 15#)
Whole Flax Seeds (#5 - 10#)

In the large trash can I mixed all of the grains in equal parts. In the tote I store the layer pellets if you use a grower for your juveniles, store them in a second tote. Mix feed 2 parts with grain mix 1 part. I use a horse scoop.

You can mix it in any ratio you want to of course but I find that recipe above lasts me a little over 5 weeks (using 150# of pellets/grower) and costs me less than $4.00 per day to feed my 40 standards and 40+ bantams any juveniles. Feeding just the plain feed, I use almost 75 lbs of pellets per week ($30.00) and at least 75 lbs of grower ($30.00) plus the juveniles waste the grower crumbles whereas with the grains there is far less waste. So I spend $120.00 - $140.00 on the mix and feed or almost $250.00 on the plain feed. Saves me a ton overall.
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Thanks I plan to start this in a day or so need feed by then thanks again.. ;)
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