1958-1959 Case 210B with new starter, rebuilt carburetor, extra back tire, new cables, new ignition, wiring, new coil, distributor, spark plug, fairly new battery, new exhaust. No leaks. The hoses do not leak. The only area that had a slow seepage was the ring on the cylinder to the bucket. I had to return 8 starters until obtained the original starter for the Case 210B and during that time the hydraulic leaked out to the bucket. I obtained a number of manuals and obtained the location for the dip stick for the hydraulic and where to fill the hydraulic fluid. I plan on moving the end of 2023 so I would like to sell the Case 210B to someone who can appreciate it and sandblast it and repaint it. I have alot of photographs; however, the message states the size exceeds the limit. [email protected] (402) 646-8046