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code enforcement is prowling the streets looking for easy money.. so took today off work after lunch and mowed the yard and weed-eat.. cut some bushes down and then mowed the ROW around my hous eand the strip between me and the neighbor.

old 1955 950 i built from parts still does it.

steering is a bit loose but works.

starts on about 2nd rev.. has 20 psi oil pressure on that 2nd rev to.. 40 running, hot.

didn't even clean the poitns this year.. just added fuel, opened valve and jhit the button.

brought her to the shop. lubed all points and mower as well.

i love rowcrops..:)


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Very Nice :D I haven't been up close to a row crop Ford

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Thats a good looking tractor that I'm sure has no problem getting the job done. Looks like you got the delux seat to go with it.

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yep.. good bouncy seat. and I got a set of monster 14.9-28 tires on the rear. built a bumper for the front.

this 950 is literally a parts machine.

she is like 7 different tractors all bolted together.

I had been doing ford rowcrops for about 10 years and say one for cheap down south. figured she'd be good as 'spares'.. so i drug her home with the intent to part her .

when i got her started.. she ran SOO good.. that i had 2nd thoughts of parting her.

got to looking.. and dug thru all my spares and actually had about half the stuff i needed to get her going.

did some extensive rear end work and front end work.

front is is worn out.. but I welded up a few things to make her steer. she needs a new front pedistal when i can find one. for now.. i just stay away from fence line sunless in 1st or 2nd gear. :)

but yeah.. she's a rolling parts machine.. :)

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shoulda seen her whan i got her.

tin at one time had been for a propane. someone torched the hood out.. hung a vw bus gas tank inthere.. tied it in with garden hose. used a ful line off a chevy to connect it.

front and rear oe tank mounts and heat shield gone. some of the old propane warmer was left.

bat tray gone. the free dead battery it came with was free flaoting on cables and bunji's

tin had a fire at one time.

no wires on it except spark plug wires, and a heavy 10 or 8ga wire from coil that hung around the battery with a bare end.

hot terminal ont he battery was loose. to start it you pulle dbat terminal off.. crammed coil wire under terminal, then used a screwdriver hanging on a wire to short across the solenoid. rotor was loose on dizzy shaft. no clip under it.

rear PA rims were welded up tight.

throttle and gov adjustment was jimmied. you had idle or really high idle. made backing it out of his garage around his wifes car and out into the street in his lil community difficult. my gn trailer and f450 took up the entire street!

no genny or al. there was a pulley with some bolts and a metal strap from a fence and some bailing wire holding belt tensioned!!

radiator is from an import small car.. top hose is a different size than bottom. made hooking it up difficult. prev owner had some pvc pipe reducer / expander bushings in there and odd sized rad hose cut up to make it fit.

i really went into it to buy it as a parts tractor. figured the engine and trans would be good..e tc.

rear end had loose 3pt pins and hanger parts. front tires and rims junk. steering pedistal up front was as broke as you can get and still move. no bearings.. no seals. shaft galled. spindle would fall out of it 2"

I did a lil welderification and partification and got the front pedistal back to 'just really sloppy' and it will now hold #2 grease without leaking thanks to a incorrect seal i MADE fit with it wedged into a bearing race that is tack welded in place. :)

i went to nap and dug thru their hoses and found a factory hose that had a small / large end for some import car ( probably the one the rad came from.. and fit it up with that top hose. luckilly bottom oe hose worked fine.

had to make a new rad bracket. get all used tims.. genny.. find / make the brackets and heat shield.

did some work on the rear.. etc.

main steering box actually fine.

trnas nice and good cisp shifting.. though linkage worn and egged rear end gears look good.

after some work.. engine starts easy and runs fine. will idle at stupid low 350 rpm odd for a ford. :)

it's got a incorrect carb. one on it was junk buggered up for the wrong fuel line.

I had a spare naa/134ci carb I gutted and MADE it work with a 172 manifold and rejetted it a bit. with a drill bit ;)

made a new fuel line with brake line.

found a genny from a 12v diesel and added that.

rebuilt pto

had to pull hyds top cover. all parts under cover that should have a nut or cotterpin were tack welded!?!

installed a new cam pin.. welded up the cam and ground it down. 3pt works fairly well .. actually surprised me.. as I could not get it to book specs on adjustment due tot he extensive parts damage from welding under there... lift will hold a 5' mower up hours.

over the winter i swapped some craiglist 8n front and rear rubber on her and dismounted the rears, and torched and grinder fixed the rear power adjust rims.

put those m=back on and left the 8n front rubber / rims on.

fabbed a front bumper...

makes a good mower.... for a parts machine. :)

I tell ya. when i started her up.. i knew she ran too good to part.

only makes 40 psi oil pressure.. but that's fine. I got some 134/172 that make 55 hot... then again.. I got some that make 20 hot too.. :)

none of the gauges are oem.

i found a bucket full of sunpro gauges in a bucket of bolts the po had.

he had bought it as a restoration project. he lived in some lil burb in south florida.. figured out quick he was over his head... he cause dthe fire. broke the oil pressur eline and bent it flat to prevent the leak..e tc.

he had bought it from a peat farm. it wa a machine that frove a de-watering pump.

they'd drive it into place and leave it there all year.. then drive to another place.. etc. it sat frame deep in peat much of it's life. probbaly why the front end was hogged completely out of it....

fun tractor and project.

i found about 250 broke bolts and studs in it.

it took me 2 and handfulls of left handed drill bits and carbide drill bits to remove all the broked studs and bolts.

a couple bolt holes ont he head were bad where oe gas tank brackets went. I had to fab other bracket sand redrill the head staying out of water areas. worked ok. no leaks.

manifold was broke.. needed elbow too.. and muffler. just had a straight pipe. also the seat was just sewtting on it. bolt to hold it was stripped and broke and hole had already been enlarged and egged out. I had to tap a few holes for pipe plugs.. grind flat, then redrill for bolts.

front drain on the pedistal had an easy out broke off in it. :)

pans on the rear final drive oil baths both had broked off 1/4 drain plugs in them. I had to drill both out. welded a nut on one and backed it out.

other made me drill it clean thru and pick out filings with a dental pick, then rethread.

was alotta work.. but fun....
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