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Ford with Detroit 3-53

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Ford 8N with Detroit 3-53:
This is a modified tractor someone built. I found this very interesting how he pulled it off. Made a sweet tractor that is for sure!

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That looks very well done!!!! Bet it sounds sweet too
It's official I've seen it all!! Simply amazing
My hats off to the man that built it. Thats just something.
Very nice job all around :cool: , thanks for the pics :D
Farmerneering at its best! Bet that 8-N will PULL!!!! Thanks for the pichers!
I bet the bolster was a challenge...That is one slick adaption. People that know nothing about tractors would likely think it's a factory installed engine. That's as cool as the Honda Valkyrie 6 cylinder conversion someone posted a while back, just not as much chrome.
very nice... could make spaghetti out of the driveshaft, pto shaft and tranny with the power and torque available.. but still... nice.

witht hat much power available.. i'd put a big volume hydro stinger pump on her.. get ps, and live high volume hyds... with that hp gobbled down a bit.. perhaps a high output alternator to eat a fee more hp.. um.. rops and cab and ac to eat a few more hp.. um.. elenco 4wd too.. and then you just might be able to keep axle and pto splines intact when you let the clutch out.. :)
thats just plain cool! id bet ya need hearing protection with that thing havin a strait pipe
353's and 453's do have a pretty good rip...
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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