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Found another SC Yesterday

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I went to a local show and a nice original 1952 SC Case was there for sale.Made a deal on it and got the 2-16 eagle hitch plow with it.Both pieces had been in the family since almost new and had been well cared for.Here are some pics;
The first is on the driveway heading to the show.The 300 prototypes are on the trailer.You may have to change your computer to 75% zoom to view the whole picture.

The next is the SC's owner Jake.His uncle bought the tractor when it was only a few years old.The original toplink still has the factory pins and chain,also got the small and large pto covers,battery bottom&top hold down and Owners Manual.About the only thing missing is the eagle hitch steps and I have him looking for them.He told me he wanted the tractor to go to someone who would appreciate it and keep it in good shape,I told him "no problem"

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Looks like you found another very nice SC and the plows were a good bonus. Been taken good care of for sure, glad you got it. I have to ask I have to ask what is a 300 prototype never heard of them and how about a closer picture.Thanks.
Very nice SC. I love a tractor in its work clothes.
Nick, another nice find!
Gordon here are a few pics and info on my 300 prototypes
If you look closely you can see the 300 features on these tractors
This is one of 12 300 prototypes that were built.Only 2 are known to have survived.This tractor was found in Florida.Mr. Harry Klein said that they put the VAC metal on them to hide them from the competition during testing.This appears to be the 12th prototype.This tractor has several 300 production parts on it.It also has many EXV Castings.It has a triple range transmission.It has a 300 block casting with an engine serial number similar to the early 300 prototype I have that has a VT 328 (VA series)engine block casting number

Description: This is my early 300 prototype.It was found in Michigan.2 of these 300 prototypes were sent to a Case Dealer in Stanwood MI.This tractor has more EXV castings and VAC parts than my Late 300 prototype.It does not have any production 300 parts or castings.It has a dual range transmission giving it 8 forwards and 2 reverse speeds.It also had a crude attempt at a shuttle shift,but it is not all there.These 300 prototype tractors are quite different from my other Case experimental tractors in that they have a lot of hand built parts on them

This factory photo was found in Wisconsin by a friend of the owner I bought the late prototype from.It is one of the original 12 prototypes but not either one of mine.It appears to be an early prototype and is similar to my early prototype.It has several differences from either of my tractors
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Nick thats a great story and to have two of the twelve is unreal. I never knew they made them and now wonder if they did that on other models. You truley have some case history there and thanks for posting the information. Looking at the pics again and just noticed the size of the eagle on the black and white. Absolutley amazing tractors to own.
Next thing you know the so called experts will come along and set you strait there never was such a thing as a VAC case with live power or an over head valve engine.

We had such a plow on our VAC only it was 2 14's. some times was a bugger to back into after a stone dislodged it.

:D Al
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