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Garden is plowed

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I'm going to get it out yet . Henry finally decided he could plow the garden this after noon . Looked really good . Got My seed potatoes ready & most of seed . watch out people here we come .

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Glad to hear that you can now get started with your garden Betty :!:

Bert, NC is either first or second on the nation in the production of sewwt taters. Many tobacco farmers down east plant them commercially, and lots of gardeners across the state raise them for their own use. There is even a purple sweet tater cooperative in Stokes County near me. The coop is trying to keep the purple tater exclusively much like Georgians value the Vidalia onion.
Sweet taters are deer magnets so I don't plant very many. With NC growing so many, it is almost cheaper to buy what we need. Most large growers plant them in a ridge row with a tobacco setter. I use a hand tobacco setter to plant mine when I grow them. Plant about 20 to 24 inches apart like tobacco. Give 'em a little triple 10 and you should be good to go. They like warm weather and sandy to loamy soil.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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