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Many have probably noticed that this 'new gas' just doesn't have the shelf life like gas from the 70's.. etc. even with stabilizer, after a season.. it might be junk.

diesel on the other hand was the holdout.. as long as you kept water out of it.. and thus the biologicals out of it.. it was pretty much good to go.

I can always remember keeping a few 5g cans of diesel around the farm.. or a 35g drum.. they get tucked away and forgotton a year or 2.. you poured them off slow so as not to get any sediment or water out, and went.

found a can from last yer yesterday.. decided needed to use it... no water.. no scum etc... I swear I can feel a difference on the the engine... a lil less power and acceleration.. just a hair...

must be the new biodiesel blend.. somethin in it must also have a shelf life that 'stales' after a bit.

anyone else notice this?

If I find any more.. I'm tempted to use it in the parts washer.

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Could be the new low-sulphur diesel (since 2007) doesn't have the shelf life that the old blend did.
I only use it in my truck, so can't say from personal experience. ;)
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