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Gatton Truck & Machinery Show

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Here are some of the trucks on show last week-end The main feature was Kenworth trucks & Fordson tractors. See my post in the Fordson section also.

Early Dennis truck - English made

View over the show - note 3 Diamond Reos in the foreground

Close up of the Diamond Reos

The ultimate rig to tour shows - a Kenworth tractor unit with 40' stepdeck trailer for the tractors and a 40' caravan in road train configuation in tow!

Tri drive Kenworth set up as a heavy haulage tractor

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Some sharp looking trucks there. Never seen one of thos Dennis before. REAL SHARP!!!!
Real nice trucks - like them pictures would have liked been there in person to see them..thanks for shareing ;)
they must run a ton of miles between feul stops! looks like they'd hold 500 to 600 gallons of feul :shock: that KW looks awsome
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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