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Generator belt on 420w John deere

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Hello, I have a 1957 John Deere 420w tractor. I have to replace the generator belt. It looks like it could be a nightmare to do. Is there someplace I can get instructions on how to do it.? Can it be done with out tearing off the fan belt and other parts.? Thank you for any and all information.
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Most likely you have 2 bolts that hold the generator in place. If you loosen both of them, the generator should rotate towards the engine. This produces slack in the belt. You will remove the belt from the generator pulley, and use the looseness of the belt to remove it from the fan pulley and crankshaft pulley if necessary. An owner's manual and service manual are very helpful too.
Shows how much I did not know. Thanks for posting this Dave. It might come in handy soon since I plan to change my 40S to a 12v system.
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