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You say you have a 404. I think I saw a tricycle front with disk wheels in your little fast hitch disk picture on the Super C thread. Any pictures? Love the little super super C (404 farmalls)....James
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Hey James. yes I have a 404 and 504 but I think one pic is all I have right now of the 404 and it is one taken by the previous owner. I refer to it as a super super C too. just wish it had the TA and IPTO like the 504 doesI will take some new pics asap of both and post them the 404 is at ny dads place right now so may be awhile on new pics of on my list is a 544.
like my other junk the 404 could use a new paint job.

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Great looking tractor. I really liked the 2 I had, they had cultivators on them for corn and green beans. Ran the 37 balers good too. I had 1300 3pt mowers with conditioners, they were quick and nimble little tractors. I had 504s too, Farmalls and a utility with a Dunham loader, great tractors. Does your 404 have the hi-lo 2 speed? Thanks for the picture....James
James my 404 does not have the hi/low range. wish it did would be better on the baler if it did. I do have a 1300 mower and 309a plow for it though. peppy little tractor and handles the 3x14 plow fairly good in most ground.
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