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Glad the site is back

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Glad that the site is up and going again to bad all the posts and great information were lost but that happens.
Here's some photos of the Garden tractors I've been working on just got the M Wards 16 going again had a time with the engine carb and ignition but it running good now. The Sears Suburban I finished up in Jan its a 1967 Suburban with a 12 HP Tecumseh.

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Nice job on the Tractor
Is that a 340 Free Air sittin' there?
the '78 Free Air that I had, was a great little sled, bunch of years back my daughter learned to ride on it.
Yep its a 340 free air nice little sled as you say belongs to my grandson and today is about the first time this winter he could get out and enjoy, he and his dad just stopped by and they both had smiles from ear to ear. :D :D
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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