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I grew up near this farm. Some of his fields borders my house. The farm is about 2 miles from my house. For years I would see him bringing in the harvest with his M2. Back in the 1980s, he cut grain, soy, and corn. For his Hog Farm. By the 1990s he just cut only grain and soy beans. Just a few years ago, he bought a Gleaner R50. To help out the tired M2. Now he bought a Gleaner R52. Which ended the use of the old tired M2. Last time I talked to him. He said they replaced about everything on the combine. So it was worn out. I went by the farm today and saw it was no longer there. The sun has set on the M2's final harvest.

Some of you might remember these pics. This was from last year's soy harvest.

Video of him in action:
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