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God Puts on a Winter Show

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From the falling snow out the back door last night to a few pics of this morning's scenes at home, it was a quick hitting storm that produced much beauty, but hardship for others. The roads were very dangerous last night and until about noon today. Trees were down and many lost power. We had strong winds during the peak of the storm. We had about 4 inches, and there was about an inch less than 10 miles away. That's the nature of thundersnow.
Out the back door last night

Out the front door this morning.

Out back.

Tobacco barn by the driveway.
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Aint nobody can do it like he can either. Love the pics.
Nice pictures, almost the same cooling effect as standing in front of a freezer with it's door open. Temps here in Queensland still high around 40 - 42°C or 110°F in many areas most days. Last Monday it was still up around this at 6pm when I was driving home from work in Central Qld.
Regards to all, John
Beautiful Pics Jim!!!!!Always pretty to look at if ya don't have to get out and drive in it.
Stephenscity said:
Beautiful Pics Jim!!!!!Always pretty to look at if ya don't have to get out and drive in it.
It can be a pain in almost any part of one's body ifn a person has to get out and work in it though, but at least for awhile, the scenery makes it a bit better :!: :shock: :lol:
Sure would like to see some here. It's been two years since any snow accumulated on my place.
Nothing more beautiful and peaceful than taking a horseback ride, or walk through the woods in a good snow cover.
Snow seems to dampen the shuffle of feet, (and wine of the highway) and all you hear is nature.
Mike, I like driving in the snow, always did. :? Makes it a bit more challenging, and tests your skill.
'Course, the advent of four wheel drive and anti-lock brakes, takes some of the skill out of it. ;)
Dave, I had a wild ride in it back from Greensboro on Thursday night. You shoulda been with me :!: :shock: ;)
Beautiful Winter Wonder Land pictures .
Loved seeing them.Don't want to be out in it no more.
We have had snow too, just had to go for a walk in it this afternoon..beautiful ,couldn't agree more with the title
Beautiful snow I don't believe we are going to get any in centeral ky this year. It has been to the north and south of us several times this year but I guess that we will somehow learn to live without it for another year. :lol:
Plenty of winter left yet Don. I 'll bet you'll get your share. ;)
I'm torn between the picture of the barns, or the picture of the cows with the fence and clothesline with the sun gleaming through for being my favorites - they're all great pictures. I'm torn... I'd love to have some snow like this up here... but at the same time I'm ready for spring and the smell of dirt again too - I guess I'll take whatever we get and like it though :lol: Don't have much other choice do we? Thanks for sharing Jimmy!
Very nice pictures....but it's making me shivver. We've only had one light 3" or 4" snow so far. Very pretty in the snow Jim, very pretty.
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