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going to the show!! how to chain em down??

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I have been debating this over in my head not wanting to look like a dummy for not being sure the best way to chain down these tricycle front ends on the tractors. The way they hauled our F-30 down from Iowa was from center draw bar with a clevis in draw bar chain run through it and pulled forward. then a chain run through the front wheels and pulled backwards. Is that a good way i would assume it made it through several states. I have heard the four corners but a tricycle only had three corners? How do ya'll haul em around, WE are taking the B other wise known as Pinky( K) and the Regular on steels. any suggestions from you long time haulers would be great.
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The way my father and I haul my H is to clevis the draw-bar Chain binder one side and a chain behind the tricycle front end come away form the tractor in a v like so.
>TRACTOR< Tractor being in middle. If you need I can post a pic.
Hope this helps. Others may have other ideas and they most likely will be better for long haul's.
I have a plate on the front of each side of my M that my chain attaches to bid it down. On the rear, I have a clevis on each side of the drawbar, then bind it down. On the K, Id put a clevisis on the drawbar, and get "EYE" bolts things, cant think of what they are called at the moment, and attach the chain to those. I never attach anything via the wheels.
I usually go from corner to corner on the front and pull the trike forward and around the drawbar for the back.
Hook the front and tighten the rear.
Four corners is how many hooks you have. If you hook from one side to the other on the trailer = 2 hooks
now if you do this front and back its 4 hooks.
When I have them hauled we have to do 4 hooks and 2 safety for insurance reasons
Joe D, I hope I never get in the same state you are hauling in. Only two chains is criminal. I hauled heavy equipment and NEVER used less than four chains and binders. Sometimes used six or eight on heavy equipment. :x
While I'm on my pulpit, a tractor ain't a boat, but I don't haul a large boat with two lines either.
Well here goes . As JoeD knows the boys and i have and still haul them on daily base .
All over the county , State . Opps as said Sometimes one chain , two chain , or dozen chains , Mode , distance weight , truck & trailer brakes doing the stopping . Goes on forever .

BUT on all our big tractors with long rear axle the both rear axles gets a X chain on each axle X meaning portion of chain going up over rear of axle is hooked three feet front of axle ,,, portion of chain going up over front of axle hooked three feet behind axle . one rachet binder pulled tight will pull rap the axle .technically this TRACTOR CAN't go NO where With Nothing EVEN on front .

But from a real nice scale house patrol one evening in Indiana , Sir give you a green Flash Red to pull over in the Check out Line up . One chain on front over behind the front weight bracket , along with the X's

Sir what i would like to see here is , not that you not good , what's the chance and i know you have , How bout you hook me A chain any length , One hook each side in under on the horns of them frame rails take a binder on each side on this rub rail on the trailer , just let the unused center of the chain lay there on your trailer , ;) ;)

So there you go it's up to the man doing the math , Most patrols can and will work with Your Math out come ;) ;)
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Thanks everyone for the info. I had a guy who hauls alot come over and help bind them down, I took a couple pictures before he got there. Here is what we are taking .

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JoeD said:
i haul our tractors from home to farm and back and i always pull one chain foward and one backward( when i was on the boat that was called a towing line and a backing line ) makes sense to me i hauled heavy equipment for a lot of years that is how i tied them down if they could roll or move and i never lost anything i drive five or six miles and pull over and check my chains.

That's what I do. I know some people like to have 4 per tractor but I cannot always find a place to put 4. If i have a place too ill put some extras on there or if its something real heavy then i will. I do know that no one fully agrees on how to haul stuff on sites like this. lol
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