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Got some new wheels!

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1997 GMC Sierra 1500. 2wd with 160k on the ticker. Not a spot of rust on the ole girl either!!!! Which is suprising for New York. The PO said he bought it from Florida back in 2004 and drove it in the summer only. I'm very proud of the truck and I checked the tierods and they're brand new :p
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Looks good what size motor you got?
V-8 Vortec. It's a 5.7 liter
You'll really like that extended cab, looks like a good solid truck!
Nice find on a rust free truck. I always tell my northern freinds that it's worth the price to buy that bus ticket to come down, by something rust free and drive it back.

There are lots of lo buck mods you can do to that Vortec that will actually yield better fuel economy as well as power.
Neat looking ride you have ,very nice looking.

Dual pipes???? I see one chrome tip ;)
Yes sir! Gibson cat back, dual exit. Not as loud as I would like, some extra pipe will fix that ;)
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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