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Got The Old Case Out

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My oldest son Brandon got the old case out to plant some corn and beans in the garden. He makes four generations on the same tractor his great grandpa bought new.

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Excellent pics, love to see those old tractors working :D
Nice pics. That sure is a sweet setup and great history. So glad could be kept in the family!!

Looks like the old case has a little more work left in it. Brandon looks like you are doing a really good job. :D
That's a pretty one for sure. :)
That is a beauty!
That is a nice looking case.
Great Pics,
Thats a real nice planter!!
Thanks for posting
sure is sweet looking
Thanks for the nice comments. Nick the planter is a Mcormick 251 I think a 64 or 65 model. I think those were the only years with the fiberglass hoppers. Got it last spring at a auction. Looks a little rough but plants good.
That was a fun time, for sure! Please note, that the only reason that Kayla is following behind like that is because she is scared to drive the tractors (did not grow up around them) and she finds ways to help in her own ways when they come out of the barn... in the picture she's making sure that the corn is uniformly covering the plates in the hoppers... where we only put out 2lbs. at the most this planting there wasn't as much weight pushing down on the bottom of the hopper to keep the corn spread - especially when we were finishing out the rows. Very memorable day, thanks for sharing these, Dad.
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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