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Gravely walk-behinds

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Anyone on here interested in Gravely walk-behinds?
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My neighbor at another place had an older one. I borrowed it. He borrowed my tractor.
Would be handy to have one with a rotary mower on the front and a sulky in back.
I can't follow one on foot anymore. ;)
Those who know me, get the bad pun. :roll: :oops:
Hey Richard, are you gonna bring the Gravely to the show this year?
Yea, I know those folks. ;) I remember seeing a photo of that rig now.
That was two years ago just before my back surgery and I didn't get to come to the show.

Lookin' good Phil, That's a different deck than my friend has.
His is round, without wheels just slide bars on the sides.
Lookin' forward to seeing the finished product. ;)
1 - 3 of 22 Posts
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