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H hood

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Well me and my brother had to take the radiator of my H to put a new water pump on. I know there are ways to mount a water pump then taking the radiator off but it was far easier to do it this way. But The problem that I have is that when it went all back together the hood would not hook down right. The front left side keeps popping off the flange, And also there is about a quarter of inch of area where the hood should be snugged up on the front tin that covers the radiator. I was wondering if there are adjustments to fix this . I would have pictures but It is blowing about 40 and raining so It will have to wait.
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One thing that comes to mind, if you have the rod that runs from the gauge support to the rad, you may have to adjust it some. Also you could "loosen" the rad and slide it around a little.
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