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Half Century Show.

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Here is a link to the pics of the Half Century Show, I went to last year I think. ... 1QQtppZZ24
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Colin I don't know where that show was but it sure was a good one and had some just plain awesome tractors. Sure would like to plow with a couple of those rigs. That 5020 John Deere for one. Loved seeing the pictures of them working to, loved the little Allis picking corn and the two Oliver tricycles. That red and white MM was pretty also. Still out of them all the 1206 Farmall to me has got to be right next to the top of the prettiest tractors. Glad you put these up.
Man what a great show!!!!Was that close to you? Thought the old ford PU was great!!Some people really amaze me what they can think up.
The show was about 1 or 2 hours from our old house. It was in Rantoul Illinois. The big blue tractor that was there, it is the only one made, and it was made by a company out of Iowa, named Kinez. They made the tractor from two John Deere 5020 tractors. And at the show, it was only the second time that, the Kinze 640 Big Blue, has been taking to a show.
Some amazing tractors for sure. I think the guy that morphed the Ford truck with the Case tractor must be a phenomenal metalworker. Some cool stuff Colin.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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