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Hand Crank Exploded View

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I have a 1947 Farmall M. I have been looking through the following Case IH website: ... ::mr02-249
I can’t find a section on the exploded view / parts list for the “Hand Crank” assembly showing the parts from hand crank to crank shaft. Mine is seized up and I will most likely have to rebuild or replace the front section on my tractor.
Any help would be appreciated.
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IH wont have them. Youll either have to break out the hot wrench, or find a repalcement bolster with a working hand crank. Now what I have done in the past, of course it was during restoration so time asnt a big deal, I took out the grease fitting on the bottom, cleaned out any old goop I could, and kept the rust buster on it, I use PB Blaster or Kroil, until I could see it seeping out. Then once I remounted the bolster, I hung my hand crank on it, with a cement block on the handle for downforce and reinstalled the grease fitting, shot some in there and left it for a few day. It finally came loose, and I just kept working it and shooting the grease inthere. I did heat it the area around the spinning section a time or two.
If you want to see what the parts look like or dimensions of the parts etc, I have my H apart currently. I rebuilt the rod that goes through the pedestal and can tell you whatever you need. Just let me know
Mine was seized as well. Patience, PB Blaster, MAPP Torch, and a rubber mallet got it free in several "sessions" over ac ouple weeks time.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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