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Happy Mothers day Kare.

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On the way home from Ohio to buy a 101 JR and look at a few 101R’s In late April, I asked Kare what she wanted for Mothers day. She replied a tractor. She had been shown nice 81 in Ohio by the owner of the 101 JR, who told her she should have me buy it for her. I told her I would buy her a tractor. We had seen a few weeks before a model 20.
That tractor had a wide front end and a 140 CID engine. I was real dumb back then, I thought that 20 was a rare model 20 distillate which has the 140 CID engine. Never mind the tractor didn’t have two tanks or shutters. Never mind the tractor appeared to be a model 20 frame front and rear end with the rest made up of salvage parts. Any way Kare said she would like it to go with the model 81 I would buy for her some day.
The tractor started and ran well enough to load on the trailer before running out of gasoline.
That is the first of 4 tractors Kare was to become the owner of. Lots of parts were missing like the side panels were totally missing.
Since then I was able to pick up a complete totally froze up 81 for parts. I may even attempt to free the engine up and install the 124 in the 20 so it has the proper engine. It was our 5th tractor.

:D Al
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Good story, Al. I'd buy more tractors for MrsMassey, but she likes OLIVERS !!! :x :x oh well....
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