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happy thanksgiving, early

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I have to work thanksgiving, so I took wednesday (tomorrow) off work,a nd the mrs's and I are driving over to the coast to see the MIL for half a day. do a lil work in her house.. some painting.. light bulb changing, lunch.. etc.

she's getting on up in the 80's.. so got to see her as often as possible.

safe and happy thanksgiving to all!
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got their early and knocked out the to-do list:

put boxes in attic, take some boxes out of attic

remove some small christmas trees from attic

move a spare box of floor tiles in garage

move a roll of carpet reminants to a shelf in garage.

repalce lamp in garage door opener

remove lamp fixture from front porch that had been damaged by house pressure washer.. repair housing ( drill / retap 2 new screw holes for mounting ).. sand, pant and repalce bulb.

cut vines and pull them out of oak tree in back yard.

trim empty seed pods and stems from short palm tree in back yard.

repalce water filter in fridge

and I think that may have been it.. :)
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1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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