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Hello from France

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my name is Jean-Francois, i live in France.
In IH i have a french F 137D 20HP, a french 633 SA 55 HP, a french FU 235 D 26 HP, a german D326 26HP, a farnall super FCD 26 HP, and a Massey Harris Pony 812 16HP

You can have a look at my blog:

1954' M-H Pony 812 / 195x' Farmall super FCD / 1959' FU 235 D / 1962' F 137 D / 1963' D 326 / 1978' 633 SA
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Wlcome to the ATF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jean-Francois, Welcome to ATF!!!
Welcome to ATF.....mike
welcome-glad to have you as a member here with us...
Jean , welcometo ATF ,glad to haveyou aboard.
make youself at home and look all around.
Again so glad you joined. It is so great to see our international community growing!!!!!!!
Hello and Welcome, glad you joined us.
Hope you enjoy the forum!! :)
Welcome, thanks for joining!
Thanks everybody.
I will try to send often pics of french or german tractors.
For me is USA the country in this IH is born. Here we are all fans from US IH tracors.
All my tracors are diesel tractors, but just the pony is gasoline.
I used the 633 every years to seed the corn and wheat.


My 633 for 2 month ago:

This is my Youtube channel:
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Hello Jean-Francois, welcome to ATF. IH has sure got a lot of 'fans' around the world. :)
Welcome to ATF.
Welcome to ATF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Welcome Jean-Francois. Glad to have you here :D
Welcome to ATF Jean-Francois! Great to have you here :!:
Welcome to the forum Jean--Francois
Welcome to the board, mon frere'. ( I think that's right ) Good looking tractors there. Sweet pony.
De superbes photos de vos tracteurs travaillant dans les champs. Sont les roues pleines en bois sur le planteur? et quelle est la culture que vous plantez. Semble être ce que nous appellerions un semoir à céréales. J'ai parcouru une petite partie de la France une fois et j'ai trouvé que la terre m'a rappelé beaucoup de la région où j'habite près de Erie en Pennsylvanie (zip 16401). Il y avait beaucoup de champs de betteraves à sucre. Bienvenue à l'ATF.

PS: Votre anglais est bien meilleur que mon français!

Great pictures of your tractors working the fields. Are those solid wooden wheels on the planter? and what is the crop you are planting. Looks to be what we would call a grain drill. I have been across a small portion of France once and found that the land reminded me a lot of the area I live in near Erie Pennsylvania (zip is 16401). There were lots of fields of sugar beets. Welcome to ATF.

PS: Your English is way better than my French!
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