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HELP! garden dying

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what is this and how do we get rid of it?? :(

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Looks like a type of fungus. Maybe try a fungicide for plants.
Are they still salvagabe if we fungicde them in the next day or so? or do we call it a loss?
I've seen them in worse shape come back to life. Still time to make fruits, just maybe not real big ones. ;)
Ya know looking again it could be a mold, but I'm sure there are products for mold as well.
looks like powderly mildow to me id say they are done all vine crops are attacked by it you need to use copper to guard against it bravo is one brand humid damp nighs and poor air movment drive it on
Was just getting ready to ask if ya been watering late in the evening??
Stephenscity said:
Was just getting ready to ask if ya been watering late in the evening??
no, but the last several big rain storms have been at night
I think the plants are done. Too much rain at the wrong time is just as bad or worse than drought. The trials of farming and working with Mother Nature ...
In my 50 years of farming and plant management, I've never seen mold, fungus, or mildew growing on crop plant leaves.
When I water, it's always just after sunset. Though we have to be in a drought condition before I water anything.
I put my rain gauge in the garden and let the sprinkler fill it to 3" once a week, maybe ten days if the forecasters
call for any rain that doesn't develop. Is there areas in the U.S. where this is more prevalent that others??
I am assuming these are squash and cukes. Ours go through a similar stage as they begin the dying process. Ironically, it seems to happen faster during wet times than dry times. I believe some similar conditions are produced from pollutants in the air. Rainfall brings down a larger concentration of them.
Squash, cuc's, and pumpkins :(
The only thing I know of that will knock PM once it has started is Nova.
Your copper products and macozeb and chlorafalomil are all preventatives.
It is a systemic so handle with extreme care.
Probably will not be able to save the worst of those plants but should keep it from spreading.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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