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A lady I know called me up and asked if I wanted a tractor as she was just using it as garden art And was ready for it to go away. Her brother had a couple of them and would come by once a year and fire it up Prior to his passing last year. It’s in great shape as she kept it covered most of the time to protect the seat cover that is not in the pics. It also has a bunch of documentation on the work he had done to it over the years Such as carb rebuild, plug and point replacement along with magneto magnet replacements.

I did some research and found the motor to be a 1958-ish Clinton 6.5hp model 1600 I believe. (See attached pic) Cleaned out the tank, replaced the fuel line along with adding a filter and got her to fire up relatively easy.

My issue is I don’t see any tags on the tractor itself and have no idea of the year and make of the mini dozer.

Anyone seen one before or have some details on where to get info on it?


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I thought it was cool too and is why I told her I would take it off her hands.

Would love to know the history of it so I could ensure it is restored back to its original state Beofre touching anything.

The blade and rippers are all manual lift with the levers so no hydraulics or such. The right and left levers control the brake steering on the tracks.

It seems to have two speeds on the transimission but haven’t found the reverse yet in the very little time I have spent with it.

Crazy clutch set up as the pedal to the left, when pushed, drops the complete motor on a pivot agains a spring alowing the three belts connected to the transmission to slip around the pulley. This then is the so called neutral allowing the change in and out of gear.
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