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Hi Guys,

It's been a while since I've been on the forums. Any forums. However, we've been working on some things that are pretty exciting and I wanted to stop by and share. I've been checking out people's photos and posts today and I remain super impressed by the work you guys do here! I saw so many cool transformations and I probably only made it through a dozen posts or so.

Anyways, here today for shameless plugs. :)

Steiner Tractor Parts has been working with Rachel Gingell and a few other partners to release new Tractor Repair videos just about every 2 weeks. If you want to get notified of new ones, the easiest way is to either subscribe to our YouTube channel or subscribe to our email list (make sure to choose How To Videos for the list).

The latest video we launched is useful to many tractor owners, it is on identifying your tractor carburetor. I found this winter, while working on my Ford Jubilee carburetor, that we had a lot of resources for folks having trouble with the carb, but we didn't have them all consolidated into one place. So, we put together this page to put all of our resources and tips into one easy to reference location, check out our tractor carburetor repair resources here.

Also, we are always looking for suggestions for video projects for the future. You can see all of our videos at SteinerTractor.TV, they are organized a little better than on YouTube.

We are really excited about providing these resources to a younger generation of tractor collectors. I know some of the folks with more experience may find some of the topics introductory, but our goal with the videos is to encourage and cheer on the younger generation who grew up with YouTube help for everything to feel confident in tackling repairs on their father's or grandfather's old iron instead of scrapping it. So, we welcome your suggestions to help with that.

Elizabeth Whiting
Steiner Tractor Parts
New Parts for Old Tractors
[email protected]
Phone: 800-234-3280

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