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Hen market

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I was in Krogers this week and eggs once again are going up, $1.69 . So whats a fair price for a heavy breed laying hen?????mike
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Right now $12 to $15 a head Mike ;)
Mike: Much depends on the breed. This time of year, it's next to impossible to find a solid, young, healthy laying hen. Us breeders work all year for this time of year, raising our chicks and pullets so that they are laying like crazy right now. And, a good hen, known breed, young and not spent...and healthy, is worth a lot of money to a breeder or a person who sells eggs. As chickens are fast to mature, you are best off getting a few chicks of a known breed and raising them for 24-28 weeks so you have your own young, healthy, laying hens soon.

Check out my facebook page at and you will see several different breeds that are nice, heavy breed chickens and good layers. I also raise hatchling chicks to 4-6 weeks old for folks who don't want to have to set up a brooder. Feel free to call or text me at 859-322-9198 for info.
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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