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Here's my new one

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1st one I ever bought with paint!!

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John tell us more what year is it?
Nice!! :D is it gonna get something to do?
Wow, very nice :)
It is serial # 6V652, making it a 1952. It was our clubs raffle tractor in 2004 when we featured MM. I did the mech and my best friend who passed away in 2010 painted it. The guy who won it used it to tow kids around the yard. About 5 years ago, it failed to start he parked it, thankfully under cover. It was really dirty but cleaned up well. It is going to pull the VFW float in this years July 4th parade, 1st unit in the parade. When I heard it was for sale, I HAD to buy it with that history. I also found out that the differential will go in either way, after it was painted, I got on it to drive it out of the shop and it only had 1 SLOW gear forward and 3 speeds in reverse!!
I don't blame you for buying since you knew all about it.. It will look sharp pulling that float show us some pictures when it is over ;)
beautiful tractor,always loved that yellow. have fun with that
That is one neat little tractor.
Nice little tractor. I have never seen a MM except at displays at large ploughing matches.
wow nice
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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