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Holes in the pecans

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Since the killing frost last Monday. some of the pecans have hole pecked in them. My theory on this is, birds. They going after the worms in the nuts. it's not squirrel, as the meat is still there.
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Jim in NC said:
The squirrels here never gave the birds a chance to get any. The only ones that fell here are the pops. :(
I use to have a problem with squirrels until I started inviting them to bar b que's as main guest. Sent them a 22 invite( hard to refuse an invite like that) ;) . Also invite them for fried and baked squirrel. For the big old gray's ,they're a little tougher, so they get invited for squirrel and dumplings. :D
It's worm problem here as the birds ( mostly blue jays ) will peck a hole in the shell and just eat the worm. Many times you can find the worm hole if you look.
mgood said:
I didn't realize pecans were established as far north as You are; are You able to get a good production there' I know the vareties are different than here. Choctaw is probably the King here with possibly Wichita running second or third.
Yeah our pecans are smaller then south of us. We have pecans trees in the area that have been there for as long as I can remember. No one really knows what type they are. Colby is a very good one for our area, although there are many different varieties being sold by nurseries. I do have a Stuart pecan, but usualy it doesn't produce many good nuts. This year with the long growing season it appears that it will be a good year for it. I have 5 trees and all are young,oldest is 15 years,so they're still not at peak production yet.
1 - 4 of 15 Posts
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