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I'd like to take a moment to wish all my fellow collectors a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! What do you all have planned for the season? Anything tractor related? I have a load of CASE equipment to drag home, 6 plows, stalk chopper, grain binder, and a sickle mower! Hopefully squease some shop time into my 2 4 day weekends to get my 1955 400 diesel closer to paint and get my 2 bottom Eagle Hitch plow finished as well.
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Right now I'm just looking forward to getting home,never went home this weekend, and am chewing at the bits to leave Mobile, Al. My son in law has a short job list for me on his new / old Harley, and I'm sure my "honey do" jar has taken on a few more request..... :D But like you,I have a few things "tractor" related that I want to do. Wish everyone a Merry Christmas, and a happy new year.

Hopefully getting to bring home a Ford 207 disc. Plenty of other tractor projects to work on as well. On vacation till the 27th.
Merry Christmas all.
Happy Holidays to you also 1031D!!
First one I want to work on is the Adjustable WF DC.It had been setting for 35 yrs!! Me and the oldest got it running but it has shifter rail issues and only has 2 forward gears.I think the shifter assbly rusted over the years of sitting.We are going to have to pull the trans cover.
Next I have a 630 Case diesel I want to get in the shop this winter.
I also have an eagle hitch carrier that needs a total reworking.The pipe frame is not usable so I am going to have to fab a new one.
I have been thinking maybe the picture you sent me of the mystery part goes on a VA or V series for a mounted plow.Under the drawbar?
merry christmas to all.

finally in florida it is feeling like christmas. was low to mid 30's this am feeding the horses!
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