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Home Built John Deere A, Before and After Pics

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Ok, Ok I suckered you in with the title, please bear with me for a few minutes and continue, please... :oops:

While butchering last weekend, my oldest nephew brought his latest wood creation along...well, the steering wheel is still on the workbench, but we won't hold that against him will we. He seems to have the knack for building these type of things down pretty good, however this boggles my mind. He did have a pattern, but each piece is either made by hand with hand tools, a scroll saw, jig saw, drill press or table saw all from common pine lumber .

If you'd meet him, you'd probably wonder how someone so big can do such intricate work. He towers over me and can probably drive me into the ground like a fencepost with a whack or two on the head !!! Well, maybe he's not quite THAT big, but you get the idea.

Individual walnut cleats notched into the pine wheels...I can't begin to imagine the degree of frustration.

Nope, he is NOT going to paint it green....

Well, maybe he didn't make the dowel rods for the smoke pipe, breather, generator and belt pully, but hey.....

Most of my finesse is achieved with a chain saw, so I'm pretty well assured this detail is absolutely beyond my scope of ability.

There you have it, from scrap pile to working tractor in little over a......well he wouldn't tell me how many hours, but suffice it to say
he resisted the temptation to stomp it and toss it in the wood furnace more than once. Now, lets address that missing steering wheel........
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Wow!! They have MORE patience and skill then I'll ever have. ;) Neat tractor.
Wow I have to say it again he is soooo!!!!!!Talented!!!!!I am always in awe when someone has such artistic ability guess cause I have none!!!!
Patterns or no, that takes a lot of talent...and patience! Looks great.
Great job thanks for shareing with us..
That is amazing. Tell your nephew he does some awsume work. I love the picture from the front where you can see the taper of the hood from front to back and the closeup of the side where you see the the sheet metal come around down is perfect. How he cut all thoase tread out of walnut and got them spaced perfect and then taper them into the sidewall something else. Tell him he got the " GOLD STAR " for the week on this one. Definitely a whole lot of talent in your family. :D :D :D
That is awesome....makes me want one because thats the only perfect Deere i'd ever have! :lol:
Wendell another true charming story. Love it when people use their God given talent and make something that
perfect beautiful made. Wendell you are from a very talent family.Thanks for another interesting post. You make this form special.
Wendell, Tell your nephew that my hat is off to him he did an awsome job. The detail is amazing it seems to me that everyone in your family are as talented as you are only in different ways. There is no end to what can come out of the old scrap pile It is hard for me to walk around a stack of wood and wonder what could come from this. Hope that he continues to keep carving and be sure to post pictures I really enjoy looking and admiring them. Hope you have a great day and don't get too hot tomorrow seems as if we might set a new record for warm weather in January.
Keith's work is absolutely incredible! I thoroughly enjoyed looking at every picture, well, maybe not the before one, and was certainly impressed with his impeccable workmanship. You never know what talents these quiet people have inside them. Excellent job.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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