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Homemade Cultivators for Offset Farmalls(pics)

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Many of yall may have seen these cultivators, but just in case you haven't, this might be helpful to you. There is no tellin' how many sets of these have been made for offset Farmalls, cub, A, Super A up to the International 274, over the last 50-60 years. Several local farmers, some known as blacksmiths, who have now passed away built them. They are built from horse-drawn cultivator plows. The 'curve' of the shanks is heated and straightened a bit so the modern, larger cultivtor plow points can be attached. I'd rather use them than the factory cultivators. The single mounting point takes less time to attach. If a rock or root gets in the way, the cultivator section will usually "twist" out of harms way. The mounting post must be positioned to look like it is leaning a bit forward to angle or tilt the cultivators downward when they are mounted.

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Something similar is used behind the rear tires. Usually the plows are welded on a "V" shaped angle iron frame with the mounting post in the middle. The point of the "V" is pointed towards the tire. Three plows are used with the center one having a longer beam than the two outside ones. They have beams of the same length.
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