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How Lucky Am I

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Ann and I were just talking at supper and it really got me to thinking. No matter weather the election did or didn't go as you liked. As I was setting at my kitchen table all warm and dry with a full table of food and a wife who has stood by me all these years with unconditional love how lucky am I!! I live in a country that I can complain and gripe and not be put in jail!!Maybe I don't have all I want but certainly more than I need . My freezer is full along with my cellar. Tho my family can be trying at times they are all healthy and loving and full of God. My health is good and my troubles are only little aggravations. How lucky am I to know God and know he loves me. Perfect I'm not but I do try. I have more friends than I deserve but will strive to have more. Thank You God for letting me be born an American where I can complain but only have mysrlf to blame for my failures and only you to thank for my successes. How Luckey am I!!!!
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Thanks Mike for sharing these thought . We all need to be reminder of these things we have and just take them for granted.
I consider you and Ann as my good friends. You are my kind of Folks.
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