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How much water does it take to grow sweet corn?

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I planted a tad over half an acre earlier this week and put a water meter on the header line to the trickle tubes. Let's see just how much it takes.
We have recently been upgraded from an extreme to an exceptional drought, if it keeps up they may run out of adjectives.
This is thin worn out topsoil over yellow clay. PO harvested hay for years without putting anything back. For 6 years I have been trying to get it back in shape again.
I broke it up and tilled it after tilling where the dust collected in the sweat in my beard I looked like a mud puppy!
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See pics on the news of all the drought conditions out your way. Really sad to look at. Sure hope you get relief soon. Know it is probably too late to help crops but atleast replenish your water supply.
I know this doesn't answer your question Bruce, but the best thing that can happen between now and next planting season is that enuff rain falls to replenish soil moisture, rebuild pasture land, produce a fall hay crop, and fill ponds, creeks, and reservoirs.
Won't hurt my feeling a bit if I never find out.
I figure some rain now would help pastures and maybe some of the beans.
I planted about 10 acres in hay last fall and got 1 cutting mostly rye and now it's dead.
1 week Barely out of the ground 10,514 gals.
How deep did the 10,000 gals soak into the ground?
Not enough to move the sensors at 18"
I have not dug to see. it's too hot.
I understand Bruce, but get out there and sweat a bit to make yourself a mini-portable waterer. Sometimes we just need a laugh. ;)
Most are at the 5 leaf stage, 17,249 Gals and .3" rain should be about 4080 Gals for a total of 21,239.
Still haven't dug down but the moisture sensors are showing the minimum level of moisture at 18"
If the plants were larger I would need to start irrigation.
Mid calf high. had .5" thurs and 2.75" Sat night. I had watered some before this fell. This field lays low and really can't run off. with the sensors at the same place (minimum) today a total of 20,526 gals Irrigated, 48,280 Gals in rain for a total of 68,806 gals. I'll probably keep it on the dry side until it starts silking to encourage root growth.
Knee high. Another 24,950 Gal Irrigated, and .4" of rain for a grand total of 84,074 Gals
I did not think the moisture sensor was reading right so I reset it and added another.
It will be 3 days before I can get an accurate reading. should be about the same moisture level.
I may have missed it, but what variety of corn did you plant? We have some cooler weather moving in over the weekend so the weather guessers say. Will it be tasseling and silking by Labor Day?
Farmers here figure corn needs an inch a week. That figures to something like 30,000 gallons per acre/inch. Farmers 20 miles south grow corn for seed companies who require irrigation if you want a contract. Most irrigation is electric pumped and I understand some large bills. We are listed as moderate drought (20 miles south as severe) but I don't know what differecne the severity makes when the corn has been ruined. Started raining last week and the beans should yield enough to pay to harvest plus a little. Good luck with your corn and may you get some rain. Vern :lol:
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3 rows of peaches and cream and 6 of g-90
1" is 27,200 gal/Ac.
I was figuring on this maturing about pumpkin time. the people who quit coming to the market when school starts back up usually return with cool weather. I usually time a small planting of regular vegetables to sell with the pumpkins. first time trying sweet corn. should sell if I can keep the varmits out of it.
probably won't tassle by labor day.
It sounds like a good plan Bruce. I hope it works out well for you. I have had peaches and cream before. Some really good stuff :!:
My water meter quit sometime this week past week.
I have no idea how much has flowed since it quit.
Haven't had a chance to take it apart yet, It is a Fill-rite meter made but never used for fuel. I bought it to use to meter water for the spray rigs and ended up using it for everything else. It has been rolled over (100,000 gals.) several times.
Things happen. Just hope your corn does well for ya. That's the real test for success :!:
Hey Bruce, How did the late sweet corn do :?:
Crop failed completely. It was doing fine until it started raining and then it stunted and never came out of it. Either working up the ground bone dry or the drought combined with the herbicide, could have been the armyworm infestestion. Who Knows?
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