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I am restoring a 350 utility tractor and have added power-steering and a second hydraulic remote unit. When I first started restoring this tractor, I went through the hydraulic system and replaced the screen/filter with a good, used one under the seat in the reservoir. Now, when I start

the tractor and run it for a few minutes, the suction and return pipe from the pump get extremely warm/ hot. After about 10 minutes, it sounds like the pump is cavitating and the pipes are hot enough to cause a burn. I have had the remotes revealed, and the hydraulic cylinder revealed, and also the power steering unit rebuilt. I had an issue with the priority valve, but now have that fixed as well. Still, having issues with the hydraulics getting hot. Trying to figure out what direction to take as the filter/screen new is $400 and I don't want to pay for something that isn't needed. Thank You.
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