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I have a '51 8N. The lifts abruptly quit working. Opened the side panel and felt that the control arm was well seated in the control lever, so no easy fix there. Took off the top lid leaving enough oil to cover the control lever-and then some, turned on tractor and pried the control lever back and forth. Absolutely no oil came up through the oil tube port after just a few moments. Drained the oil and let it set overnight.

The next day I ensured that the PTO was active, and I may not have waited long enough to see oil coming up the oil tube the previous day: I repeated the test and waited a bit longer, and oil came up out of the oil tube port after pressing the intake control valve. It was slow however, and not a spray. It stopped when I released the valve. I did not wait longer to see if it would spray.

I didn't see turbulence from any leakage from the safety valve.

Any suggestions?. Do in need to get a whole rebuild kit for the pump ($$$), or can I troubleshoot it more to pinpoint a specific issue?
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