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I did it this time........

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Sharon (daughter) got little of all said Daddy here are 4 goose eggs & 3 duck eggs put in incubator and see if you can hatch them.. Yesterday was hatch day 1 duck egg was piped and I watched it but never got out good lost that 1. 1 goose was piped and when I helped it I knew it would not make it either..1 more duck egg piped so I helped it and hit the jack pot and 1 goose I helped out also .. so now have 1 duck & 1 goose.. not use to have to help them ..The bantams just hatch out never need no help..

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Re: I did this time........

Those two are sweet
Re: I did this time........

DerickS said:
Those two are sweet
Derick ,wouldn't your girls love to hold them in their hands?

video of duck & goose
click on link below

Duck & Goose
When I was little I had a pet duck. I packed it everywhere. I would set in my little rocking chair and watch TV with me. Mom has a picture of it somewhere.
I would have liked to have seen them hatch. Remember when I used to sit in the brooder house for hours watching the baby chicks. The mail man bought them to us.

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